About Remembermi

Remembermi sells mainly Remembermi labeled bras, panties, lingerie and accessories along with other mainstream undergarments.  Remembermi is one of the first African labeled lingerie providing affordable sexy lingerie to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

All styles are manufactured in vast selection of sizes and colors to please the most discerning consumer.  Remembermi’s mission is to ensure that all women embrace the femininity and deem Remembermi's lingerie worthy of their wardrobe.

Remembermi utilizes fabrics in line with latest fashion developments imported from renowned producers in France , Switzerland , Germany , and Austria .

Remembermi is proud to partner with small lingerie retailers and boutiques by selling Remembermi brands to them at wholesale costs.

Special Offer


On all orders Over
N50,000 £200 or $300

Including Bra, Panties, Pant Sets, Nightwear and Dang Plus or DD+